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Dr. Betty graduated with Honors from the University of Queensland in 2006. Since then, she has worked at different animal clinics in Australia and Hong Kong, seeing small animals and small exotic pets.


A few years ago, she came across clinical cases that did not respond so well to conventional medicine. Her auntie's dog was paralysed on his back legs, and after a few sessions of electro-acupuncture, he started walking and running away from the needles! Another cat had chronic diarrhea for months, but developed normal stools after taking Chinese herbal medication. And there was the chronic ear infection dog that did not require antibiotic therapy after doing ozone therapy. Plus the chronically ill or cancer patients who regained their appetite and has good living qualities with a combination of different treatment regimes. These successful cases affirmed her beliefs in complimentary medicine plus herbal medicine and acupuncture.


Dr. Betty loves to integrate all kinds of modalities to improve the animals’ health, including Western medicine, Chinese medicine and alternative medicine. Using Traditional Chinese Medicine theories (including the ‘five elements’ and ‘yin/yang’ balance) as well as dietary recommendation that matches the body’s constitution, she hopes to balance the animal’s body as a whole rather than only treating the symptoms.


Learning from her animal friends, she understands the importance of healing on all 3 levels of health (physically, mentally and spiritually) in order to achieve an optimal state of well-being. She is using flower essence, homeopathy, reiki and pendulum healing as an adjunct to conventional therapy, to heal the animal’s body, spirit and soul. She is excited to further educate herself on other healing methods to be part of your animal’s journey to achieving longevity and a good quality of life.

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Senior Veterinarian

Dr. Betty Cheung

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